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  1. Living in SF now, where God is an idea of the past, Jesus is very nearly dismissed, and “evangelical” = “domestic terrorist,” I am seeking to discover and respect people’s beliefs in “something,” in order to find common ground beneath the surface. A platform-of-the-heart upon which we can build a dialogue.

  2. The antithesis of “fear” is not “boldness.” It is freedom. No, rather, it is love.
    Why are we imprisoned? Is it not fear of that controlling thing? Freedom means we’ve lost all fear. Fear of not gaining: power, prestige, possession. Fear of losing: reputation, relationship, admiration. Fear of not performing. Fear of embarrassment. Fears surrounding inadequacy and shame. Fears of the darker side of our secret lives…of being found out.
    Freedom means we are able to live without fear. Of any of these listed and so many others. Our pride keeps us fearful, though it at the same moment exerts itself in aggression, making us appear fearless.
    But love is even better. Fear cannot love because love is the greatest risk of all. Love is transparency. Love is vulnerability. Love throws itself to the end of the branch hanging over the cliff regardless of consequence. And love does it knowing the plunge beneath is death. Because love no longer fears even death. Emotional death, physical death, because love longs for life and life is love. Or it is no life at all.

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