Discover the Life, by Neal & Judy BrowerThe fork in the road offers you a life of intimacy with the King and passion for His kingdom.

A six week “reader” for small groups introducing the Life-giving Lifestyle. They’ve been called “spiritual disciplines.” We call them “The 4 Life-giving Practices.” What has often felt like a behaviorally driven design we’re offering as an invitation to “from the heart living” in intimacy with the King and passion for His kingdom. If you are committed to making disciples in relationship, dtl will provide a simple format for living intentionally as a reproductive kingdom disciple. It’s not a program, a method, or a curriculum. It’s a process…a lifestyle making breath-by-breath discipleship as real as it gets.

Pray&Watch, by Neal & Judy Brower

You can have immediate impact on your world with the life-giving gospel of Jesus. For the 99% of people who feel inadequate, perhaps guilty, maybe even allergic to evangelism, we invite you into as-you-live-prayer that will open your eyes to all that God is doing in the lives of the people all around you. This is the fourth book in the Life-giving Lifestyle series. It is accessible, transferable, and simply applicable for every believer who loves the incredible people all around us. Your eyes will open to people and God’s actual hand at work drawing them to Jesus. You will find yourself living as if “what matters most

is people finding Jesus.”

Simple Passion, by Judy Brower

One woman’s journey of the heart. His heart, our hearts, in a simple gathering of every part of our lives into every part of His. The intentional, but simple practice of worship from the indulgent heart; truth for the wondering heart; healing of the broken heart; how to buy viagra purpose for the loving heart.


Simple Freedom, by Judy Brower

Here’s an offer: live…love…laugh…in that order. We’ve taken ourselves, other people, and this life too seriously. God, the gospel, and eternity not seriously enough. Funny how a small adjustment in our understanding, in our beliefs, can actually set us free. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not so much, since we’ve been generationally conditioned. Come, understand the non-sensical dimensions of grace and be set free.


Simple Devotion, by Judy Brower

There are seven challenges common to most women. Hindrances. Roadblocks. Emotional strongholds. Spiritual hurdles that we minimize, avoid, or overtly fear. If we will

take courage to face them, to stare them down, to bring them to Jesus, He will give us freedom. He will give us life. He will invite us into a truly simple version of devotion never imagined.

Simple Devotion Workbook, by Judy Brower

Judy offers a companion tool to Simple Devotion that prompts anyone seeking freedom from women’s seven most common heart-hindrances to intimacy with Jesus. This is your invitation to press through an authentic process inviting you on a journey toward a simpler devotion.


The Final Frontier, by Neal Brower

It’s the number one God-substitute: Money…the final frontier. Think now, it is the last thing any of us want to talk about, specifically. What we earn, what we give, and how we spend, that’s off limits. Nobody’s business. And it’s bad business. True financial freedom is the result of seeing the tithe as our first act of worship from the heart. The tithe is the Lord’s. It isn’t ours to save, to spend, or even to give. It isn’t ours. Returning it could be the most worshipful thing any of us do in a given week, month, or year. 10% off the top. It’s our “buy in” to kingdom living. An expression of authentic worship. And it just makes sense.                                                        (currently sold out)

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