Our Values

Surrender – the worship value

“OK God,” we utter, perhaps willingly, reluctantly, belligerently. The real starting point. Giving up. Letting go. Resting in His arms, allowing His perfect rule in our hearts. Life is beginning with a submissive heart to the Creator, the Master, the sovereign King. Trusting. And it’s not easy. But when our hearts are finding this trusting to be restful, we’re discovering the gift of true surrender. Ours is an invitation to breath-by-breath walking worship.

Dependency – the prayer value

He’s God…I’m not..that’s a good thing. He’s the source. God has to do it. We’re Iiving in desperation, really, for His involvement, intervention, even interference in our everydays. Reaching, asking, because He’s inviting. He’s answering because He loves to. Prayer is the work, and the best work, the best gift I am giving. Of course, reaching up, though at times feeling like no one’s “up there,” when it’s real, is finding it’s rest, not in grasping answers, but in the reaching, and sometimes¬†even grasping His hand. And reaching up almost always ends up in reaching out, which is what living is really about.

Connection – the relationship value

People are worth it. People are incredible. People are the pinnacle of God’s creation, stamped with His image, made in His likeness. Every single one of us is of inestimable value and will live for eternity. The journeys of life take us down many rocky roads, but every person is worth sacrificing for, living and dying for, and maybe just paying attention to. Yes, God has to do it, but I get to help and it happens in the heart-level connections. Real people in real relationship with a real God in real life.

Graciousness – the lifestyle value

Yep, we’re off the hook. What Jesus did is an invitation to walking freely away from all that justice demands in light of our brokenness and violations. Mercy is not getting the punishment we deserve. Grace is that, plus being lavished with the wonder of love, belonging, family, inheritance, everything it means to have God as Father. Having received grace, we can do nothing less than go about living graciously.

Authenticity – the transparency value

Real is better than perfect. We’re imagining…putting our masks down…living genuinely. Of course graciousness makes authenticity possible. Still, if I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, then I will choose to live entrusting my real heart to God and people. Finding truly freeing relationships and the adventure of pursuing my dreams.

Simplicity – the focusing value

Humans-doing or human beings? Focusing on a few, bare essentials is life-giving. Complexity is adding a pressure nobody needs. We’re about living “The Irreducible Core”: loving God; loving others; making disciples. We’re wrapping our life, time, and effort around the I.C. and inviting you to do the same. Put another way, what matters most is people finding Jesus, so we live with that focus, massaging every choice we make.

Multiplication – the purpose value

The party can’t start until everyone arrives. So we’re loving Jesus and we’re loving people making life-giving connections of the invisible, eternal variety. Feeling like religion just gets in the way? There’s a reason God keeps giving us one more breath. It’s His reminder of our purpose of loving another with the gospel. Me and you loving two more; then the four of us each loving another. Could it be that your purpose, and mine, is in the reaching of the whole world in our generation? It’s just too good to keep to ourselves so we’re purposing and multiplying the life!




To all who love the “ing” in life, like we do, let’s be journeying together, discovering, resting, finding, being…life-giving.

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